Subject Resists Arrest and Takes Gun From Officer


On 05-10-15, WFPD Patrol Officers were dispatched to 2200 Harrison in reference to a possible disturbance.  Another officer was in the area working an off duty job and recognized the names in the call from a previous day.  He responded as well.  That officer knew that the offender, Trent Gonzales (age 22),  had a protective order barring him from this location. The off-duty officer made contact with the Gonzales and attempted to place him under arrest.  The offender resisted arrest and was able to remove the officer’s gun from it’s holster.  The officer was able to hit the pistol out of Gonzales’ hand and attempted to arrest him again.  The dispatched officers arrived and Gonzales continued to resist and had to be tased.  He was taken into custody and charged with Violation of a Protective Order, Aggravated Assault Family Violence, Taking a Firearm From an Officer, and Resisting Arrest.

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