We Are NOW HIRING Police Officers – APPLY TODAY!


Application Deadline-12/06/2015

Testing Date-12/12/2015


“A career in Law Enforcement will provide you with years of opportunity for personal and professional development, community involvement and the ability to have a positive role in the safety and security of your fellow citizens.” -Sergeant Kevin Folmar, Police Training Supervisor
Hiring Process

Requirement and Disqualifiers

Salaries and Benefits

Entrance Test Procedures

Veterans Benefits

The Wichita Falls Police Department is comprised of a family of professionals committed to the safety and security of the citizens and visitors in Wichita Falls.  Employment with this Department provides a fulfilling, life-long career with a competitive salary and benefits package, excellent career advancement and continuing education and training.Test Procedures 
As a Civil Service Agency, all positions open on the WFPD are filled from a list generated by an Entrance Exam.  The Entrance Exam is a written test that rates an applicant’s reading and writing ability. Following the written test, a Physical Fitness Test and a Video Assessment are given to assess the applicants physical and behavioral skills.

The Academy
The Wichita Falls Police Academy is 26 weeks of classroom and hands-on training taught by seasoned Wichita Falls Police Officers who are the best at what they do. Scenario based training is used throughout the academy allowing trainees to experience a vast array of “real life” scenarios in a controlled environment that prepare them for the career that lies ahead.  Upon graduation, new officers enter the Field Training Program where they ride with a Field Training Officer for 16 weeks as they gradually take on more police duties.

For more information please contact the Training Section 940-720-5059

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