Trailer theft prevention tips.

trailersLately criminals have been active stealing trailers.  A common method is to use bolt cutters to cut the tongue locks, hook up the trailer and drive away with  it.  Additionally when thieves size up a trailer one of the first things they consider could be appearance.  A generic looking trailer has “steal me” written all over it.  How many white or black trailers are sold each year?  Can you tell one from another from a distance?  Do whatever you can to make your trailer stand out from the crowd.  Thieves might have a second thought about stealing one so personalized.

If you use a tongue lock consider one that includes the chains in the device.   Trailer wheel locks can also effectively immobilize the trailer to help deter theft and coupler locks can prevent the criminal from hooking up to your trailer.

If devices such as these are too costly simply block the trailer in, use thick heavy chains to secure it to a fixed  object or place it in a secured area.  Keep accurate, up to date information on your trailer to include photographs.  This information can be helpful should it be recovered.  Also consider insuring the  trailer because what’s on it or in it could be more valuable than the trailer itself.

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