WFPD Sees Decrease in Vehicle Burglaries: Focus Still on Unlocked Vehicles

Picture1The Wichita Falls Police Department saw a 57% decrease in reports of vehicle burglaries with 37% fewer cars being broken into compared to two weeks ago.  However, of the vehicles that were recently broken into only one vehicle showed signs of forced entry and of those broken into two handguns were reported stolen.

Due to the immediate and relentless response by the WFPD multiple arrests have been made regarding recent vehicle burglaries and the recovery of stolen firearms.

Even though the current statistics show a decrease in vehicle burglaries the main focus of the WFPD is still on reminding people of the dangers of leaving their vehicles unlocked and more importantly not to leave firearms unsecured.

The simple act of locking your vehicle will go a long way in preventing you from becoming the victim of a burglary.  Even if your vehicle is parked inside your garage at night, locking it is still the recommendation of the police department.  And at no time is it a good idea to leave a firearm in your vehicle unsecured.  The last thing that any responsible gun owner would want to see happen is to have their firearm stolen and used in the commission of a crime where someone is hurt or killed.


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