2020 Yellow Brick Road Walk

WFPD Police Chief Manuel Borrego, Deputy Chief Guy Gilmore, Deputy Chief RW Smith, Captain Scott Vaughn, and Retired Deputy Chief Laura Drury are all graduates of the FBI National Academy.

Part of that experience included a physical fitness regimen that consisted of a number of fitness challenges throughout the session, culminating in a 6.1-mile run composed primarily of the legendary obstacle course at Marine Base Quantico, where the National Academy is located. After completing all the fitness challenges, they were awarded a yellow brick for having completed what is called the “Yellow Brick Road”.

In commemoration of that accomplishment, the FBI National Academy Association (FBINAA) is currently sponsoring the 2020 Virtual Yellow Brick Road Walk/Run to raise money for the FBINAA Charitable Foundation. Today, the above mentioned WFPD Command Staff, both current and former, participated in that event by completing a 6.1 mile walk right here in beautiful Wichita Falls!

Congratulations on your accomplishments! We are proud of you!

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