Remembering Our Fallen

Special Officer Robert Franklin Fennell

End of Watch: March 20, 1938

Officer Carlisle succumbed to gunshot wounds received two days earlier while he and his partner tried to question a man about an aggravated robbery.

Special Officer Bob Fennell died after his throat was slashed by a subject that he had ejected from a local nightclub.Earlier in the night Officer Fennell had confiscated three knives and two razors from women who were at the club. He had ejected one of the women and her escort from the club. A short time later the man returned, approached Officer Fennell from behind, and slashed his throat with a razor.

Officer Fennell drew his pistol as he fell, but was unable to fire at the subject who continued towards him. The nightclub’s owner picked up Officer Fennell’s gun and shot the subject three times, killing him.

Officer Fennell had been appointed a special officer by the Wichita Falls police chief several weeks earlier. He had previously served with the Burkburnett Police Department and Electra Police Department.

He was survived by his wife, two daughters, mother, two brothers, and three sisters.

Please take a moment and join us in honoring Officer Fennell.

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