Capital Murder Arrest Made

WFPD officers responded on 06-08-2022 at about 7:30 am to investigate a deceased person at 1621 Deer Park Way. 

The officers found 19-year-old Kaycee Wofford of Wichita Falls deceased. Wofford was 32 weeks pregnant.

Wofford’s boyfriend, 20-year-old Paul Chandler of Wichita Falls, was also on the scene. 

Wofford and Chandler had an argument earlier in the residence.

Wofford’s body was sent out for an autopsy. The autopsy’s finding was that Wofford died of asphyxiation. 

The WFPD detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Paul Chandler for the offense of Capital Murder since Chandler is suspected of killing Wofford and her un-born child.

The WFPD Special Operations Unit, with the help of the US Marshals and the Texas Department of Public Safety, arrested Chandler this evening.

Chandler is currently in custody in the Wichita County jail with a bond set at 1.5 million dollars.

The WFPD detectives assure our citizens that there are no other suspects at large

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