Property Room/Impound


Gary Tucker – Supervisor

The Property and Evidence staff is responsible for receiving, processing, and preserving evidence officers collect in the field. This averages between 12-15,000 new items annually. Additionally they are also responsible for disposing of evidence once the case is completed. Items are either destroyed or auctioned if they have no owner, or if they have an owner you’ll be contacted to come pick it back up. Please call ahead if you need to pick up your property that’s in the care of the Police Department. A release authorization or court order is always needed before this can occur so calling ahead ensures faster service upon your arrival. Their public hours of operation are from 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday.

They can be reached at (940) 761-7798.

The towing operation is privately contracted by Mike’s Towing Service; they store non-evidentiary vehicles for the Police Department. Should your vehicle be impounded, you will receive a certified notification letter from them.

Located at 3205 Industrial Drive, their contact information is:  (940) 687-8787.

Vehicles impounded for evidentiary reasons are secured in a separate location and are not available for release until the legal proceedings have been concluded.

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