Keep an eye on your lawn equipment

With the recent heavy rains in the area people will be out working in their yards, mowing grass and trimming hedges.  Sometimes unattended lawn equipment can make for an attractive target for a criminal.  To help reduce the risk of theft secure your equipment when not in use. If you are using it keep it within eyesight because it only takes a few seconds for a criminal to take advantage of the situation and walk away with your property.  Also take pictures of the equipment and record serial numbers in the event of a theft.

How Many Vehicles Burglaries could be Prevented by Locking Doors?

Burg July 2014 take lock hideThe Wichita Falls Police Department wants to remind citizens that simply locking their vehicle is the first step in preventing vehicle burglaries. In almost half of the vehicle burglaries shown on the map in the last 30 days the vehicles were left unlocked.

Lets take the opportunity away from criminals with 3 steps.

  1. Lock you vehicle

  2. Always Take your keys

  3. Hide any valuables you do leave in the vehicle