Click It or Ticket Memorial Campaign Results (May 23-June 5)

The 2022 Click It or Ticket Memorial Campaign ran from May 23rd – June 5th.

Not only were Officers looking for Seat Belt Violations, they were also looking for other violations which would constitute hazardous driving behaviors.

The following is the data which was gathered from this campaign:

Seat Belt Violations – 177

Child Seat Belt Violations – 9

Intersection Violations – 59

Distracted Driving Violations – 11

Speed Violations – 74

Arrests – 1

Total Stops – 437

Enforcement Hours Worked – 171.67

The purpose of the campaign was to educate the public on the importance of buckling up every time they get into a vehicle and travel on a public roadway. The more people buckle up while driving, the less likely they are to be seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash.

Wichita Falls, let’s continue to do our part.


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